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Tór Weihe


Tór Marni Weihe, a native of the Faroese capital of Tórshavn, is currently pursuing a double major in Applied Philosophy and Russian Language and Culture at the University of Aalborg and Copenhagen University in Denmark. From a young age, Tór  has been engaged in student politics and currently serves as Vice President of the Faroese National Union of Students and is also an observer Board Member of the European Students’ Union. In his spare time, Tór translates philosophical classics into Faroese and writes about applied ethics for Dimmalætting, a Faroese newspaper. Growing up in the so-called Danish “Community of the Realm”, Tór has always been attuned to issues of cultural, social and political minority rights and the practical and theoretical challenges these pose. His studies have focused on the political philosophy of nationalism and the right to self-determination, and in the future, Tór hopes to further study the cases of nationalism in Eastern Europe and Russia.

Updated May 2020