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Ufuk Topkara


Dr. Ufuk Topkara (Visiting Professor for Comparative Theology at Humboldt University Berlin), holds a PhD in Islamic Theology (focused on Islamic ethics) from the Graduate School for Islamic Theology in Germany. He has been active in promoting inter-religious dialogue since 2005. Dr. Topkara was a Tour Guide at the Jewish Museum of Berlin from 2005-2015. He was a Humanity in Action Fellow in New York in 2006 and worked in the US House of Representatives as a Humanity in Action-Lantos Fellow in Washington D.C. Dr. Topkara is additionally trained as a Muslim chaplain, and has worked extensively as an imam in mosque communities, serving multi-ethnic religious communities. Furthermore, Dr. Topkara has worked in inter-religious affairs, holding an MA in German-Jewish History from the Humboldt University, Berlin and doctoral-level training in comparative theology. He is the author of two books, Outlining a contemporary philosophical Theology in Islam: the Refinement of Character (Springer Publishing) and Happiness, Justice, and Friendship in Miskawayh’s Tahdib al-Ahlaq (forthcoming with Routledge Press).

Updated October 2020