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Walid Ahmed Khan Malik


Walid Malik is a democracy and human rights educator and a HIA Senior Fellow. He was born and raised in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Walid studied Political Science and Law (B.A.), as well as International Studies, Peace, and Conflict Research (M.A.) at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Technical University Darmstadt, and the University of Toronto.

He is currently working full-time as a Researcher and Policy Adviser in the fields of children’s and youth rights monitoring at the The German Institute for Human Rights. Walid also initiated the human rights working group and the anti-discriminatory council of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation’s scholarship holders.

He is an alumnus of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, Deutschlandstiftung Integration, and ‘Network Inclusion Leaders’ (NILE).

His educational work is dedicated specifically to combatting antisemitism, anti-Muslim racism, and other forms of discrimination. After the racist terror attack in Hanau in 2020, Walid was appointed as an adviser to the task force on ‘group-focused enmity and anti-Muslim racism’ in the state of Hesse.

In his spare time, Walid volunteers as a paramedic and representative for children’s and youth rights at an international humanitarian organization.

Updated November 2023