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Wendell Adjetey


An apprenticing historian, Wendell Adjetey is a Joint PhD student in the Department of History and the Department of African American Studies at Yale University. His doctoral research examines inter- and post-war civil rights activism and industrial relations in North America. Prior to starting his doctorate, Wendell spent three years working as a case manager in a youth gang intervention program in north Toronto. Before this work, he founded and successfully led an award-winning non-profit organization for marginalized youth, in addition to several years of experience consulting on education, health care, and child welfare policy. He maintains a strong interest in human rights and international relations: Wendell has conducted in-depth research on child soldiering in Sierra Leone, nuclear proliferation, and US-Israeli strategic relations. Wendell earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Toronto. He speaks Gã, his native tongue, fluently.


Updated May 2014