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Xavier Pousset


Xavier Pousset is a graduate in social work and social engineering, as well as in company management. He worked in several positions before becoming the director of a social center for underserved children. An activist in the field of social work, he contributed to the development one of the first social inclusion companies in France, of which he remained Chair until 1994 and to the development of a network of social workers and social work volunteer for 7 years. He became director of ARTAG at the end of 2001.

ARTAG was founded in 1985 by travellers (gens du voyage) assisted by a social worker. Its territorial focus is mostly the Rhône department, but it reaches out throughout the Region Its purpose is to build bridges between gens du voyage and the gadje world. ARTAG uses public policies to support gens du voyage, and thus helps them understand and better use various programs. ARTAG also tries to address implicit gens du voyage needs, and therefore also works on discrimination, economic integration, training, cultural activities, communications, and housing. ARTAG publishes a newspaper called “Monde Tsigane”. The founding principle of ARTAG is the active participation of gens du voyage at all levels of
the organization.


Updated February 2011