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Zachariah Falconer-Stout


Zach Falconer-Stout
Zach Falconer-Stout

Zachariah Falconer-Stout is an Evaluation Associate at EnCompass, LLC, where he leads impact evaluations and provides technical assistance for education programs. With a background in youth development, Zachariah has both been a classroom teacher and published on school management. Zachariah has lived and worked in Europe and Africa for over five years; recently returned from Zambia, he currently lives in Washington, DC. In 2012, he led a group of Senior Fellows, Peace Corps staff and volunteers, university students, and civil society activists in a project to develop simulation games to be used in youth democracy education programs. He recently received the Humanity in Action Dr. Louis Rabineau Award for outstanding leadership. Zachariah is a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow (Germany 2008).


Updated May 2019

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