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Zeyneb (Zee) Kasmi


Zeyneb (Zee) Kasmi is a second-generation Dutch Arab with a background in law and philosophy. She holds an LL.M. degree from Utrecht University and graduated with an LL.B. in International and European Law from The Hague University. With expertise in conflict and security, fundraising, and diplomacy, Zeyneb seeks innovative ways to maximize the social impact of the public sector. She applies geopolitical and systems thinking and acts as a strategic partner. Zeyneb’s work is driven by her passion for storytelling and poetry, which are central to her commitment to creating positive social change.

She believes in creating value for herself and others through education. She is passionate about inspiring leadership through non-formal education and empowering the next generation to drive meaningful change in their communities. Zeyneb is a firm believer in the power of storytelling and enjoys writing poetry and short stories in her spare time.

Her Action Project, ‘Framing,’ explores the impact of the colonial past and addresses how framing affects our language and thinking. It aims to challenge existing narratives and rethink societal frameworks. Through this project, Zeyneb aims to raise awareness about the power of framing and its implications for society.

In addition to her action project, Zeyneb is also involved as a Board Member for both Humanity in Action the Netherlands and the Global Shapers Community The Hague Hub.

Updated December 2023