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Fair Opportunities in Application Processes


When thinking about the social issue Senior Fellow Tim Robert Schleicher wanted to address, he turned to online solutions that could help foster equal opportunity. Thus the project Fair Opportunities in Application Processes (Ehrenamtlicher Bewerbungscheck in German, otherwise known as EBC) was born.

In just twenty-four hours, EBC checks application documents and provides users with essential feedback, online and completely for free. He was inspired to develop this online solution to help counter the unfair chances many without resources face in their application processes. The first step in many application processes for jobs, internships, university admissions and so on, is usually submitting written documents such as a letter of motivation or a curriculum vitae.

“Certain groups of people are more likely to not succeed in securing an interview solely as a result of not being properly trained in making sure their documents are professional enough to meet expected standards, even if they otherwise are a good fit,” says Tim.

This is often due to the fact that they do not have the privilege or access to have their documents looked over and receive feedback from people in the know.

To make sure this project produced the results he hoped for, Tim worked closely with EBC’s target groups to best address their concerns and provide the service they need.

EBC is an online platform that provides users with a second (or even third!) pair of eyes over application documents for free, fast and from someone who has the relevant expertise. They design the feedback users receive not as a corrected document but in a way that users can improve their documents themselves and learn skills for the future. EBC is building a network of experienced, hand-selected volunteers who offer their services pro bono for these checks.

After prototyping this platform, they now have a target-centric service that is successfully assisting applicants from all backgrounds. They hope to grow EBC in order to help as many people as possible and are looking for individuals who want to support them as volunteers by either checking application documents, organizational development or helping with public relations.

EBC aims to support those with less resources to not be hindered in fulfilling their full potentials.