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Flight and Migration, Societies in Transition


Senior Fellow Mohamed Karam Yahya was inspired by many of his colleagues who have migrated to Germany and wanted to include their skills and knowledge into activism in Germany. He felt that including these newcomers in the process of solving social issues was a great way for them to contribute to their new society and find an avenue for their acquired skills and experiences.

By bringing together activists and experts from different parts of the world, including human rights activists, students, psychologists, programmers, and more with a migration background, Mohamed was able to foster discussion and inspire young activists. He began work on his project by meeting with the Program and National Director of Humanity in Action, to discuss the possibility of a workshop as a part of Humanity in Action Program.

Mohamed made sure to create a panel of diverse perspectives in order to foster a productive discussion on migration.

Later, Mohamed researched speakers and organizations, meeting with them to determine if they would be a good fit for the workshop. Mohamed made sure to create a panel of diverse perspectives in order to foster the most productive discussion and brainstorming.

The Project allowed for an open discussion on societal issues within Germany and what each individual is able to do to fight these issues. Mohamed was able to also work with the organizations, Lulu Social Cafe and Migration Hub Berlin, allowing him to tap directly into the activist network active in the city of Berlin.