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Conference: Racism of the Present. Future in Solidarity.

Exploring the contemporary dynamics of racism and discussing ways forward.

In late November 2018, the Evangelische Akademie Tutzing and Humanity in Action Germany held a conference and workshops on current forms, structures and dynamics of racism in Germany (“Rassismus der Gegenwart. Zukunft in Solidarität”) for about 60 participants.

During the conference, people affected by racism and allies made challenges visible and offered their expertise in strategies how to overcome racism in Germany from an intersectional perspective. Participants discussed with scholars, human rights activists, politicians and artists, but also newly interested parties:

How can ways be formulated between sensitization and self-determination? How can people affected by racism get their voice heard in a better way? Where can the privileges and positions of some be used for all?

Not only people from all over Germany came together, but also from different generations and communities.

In partnership with the Evangelische Akademie Tutzing, Senior Fellow Lorenz Narku Laing was key in organizing this event together with other Humanity in Action Senior Fellows. We love bringing communities together.

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