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Shifting Paradigms: Humanity in Action Senior Fellows on Policy and Pluralism Across Borders



Shifting Paradigms is a volume of diverse articles on cross-border policy and pluralism written by Humanity in Action Senior Fellows. Paradigm shifts occur when the usual and accepted ways of doing or thinking are found to no longer be fit for purpose. The rapid onslaught of new challenges the international order has faced in recent years make many feel that history is accelerating, leaving established ways of doing things in its wake. New answers are needed as the world again enters a period of turbulence. The authors of this richly varied collection of articles on policy and pluralism across borders are singularly qualified to help in this search for answers. Their perspectives and analyses demonstrate a nuanced ingenuity that today’s policymakers are often sorely missing. They bear the potential to steer policy discussions in directions that are democratic, inclusive, and sustainable.

To purchase this book directly from Humanity in Action, please contact info@humanityinaction.org. It can also be purchased online here.

Shifting Paradigms