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With our educational programs, we share our expertise with selected candidates. We have good news: we also offer tailor – made trainings to you!

Are you working at a non – profit, in the corporate sector or at an educational facility and are you, your colleagues or your students interested to learn more about the themes listed below? Then let’s get connected.

Upon request, we design and run training programs for groups up to 25 people on the following themes:

  • Inclusivity & Diversity
  • Discrimination
  • Human Rights in the Netherlands
  • Youth Leadership

Recent Trainings

Are you interested in booking a training & broadening your horizon? Get in touch with us for more information.

In May 2019, Humanity in Action The Netherlands welcomed a group of students from Rollins College in Florida, the United States, for a workshop on discrimination and social inequality in the Netherlands. Together we watched the short films’ Thin Ice ‘(Action Project by Senior Fellow Tamar Guttmann) and ‘NIGHT.’ We discussed the current challenges the Netherlands and the United States are facing in this context.

Upon request by the Netherlands Helsinki Committee we organized a training for government officials from eastern Europe, participating in the Matra Rule of Law Training Program. We focused on the ways in which civil society in the Netherlands can and should promote an inclusive society.

  • Training
  • Training for the Matra Rule of Law Program (2/4)
  • Training for the Matra Rule of Law Program (4/4)