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Saim Saeed's articles published in POLITICO



With the recent developments in Afghanistan, two of Saim Saeed’s articles have been published by POLITICO.

The first article, co-authored with Christian Oliver, discusses the consequences of the Taliban victory in Afghanistan for its neighbors. According to the authors, Pakistan and Iran cheered “the triumph of the Taliban as a victory over U.S. colonialism,” yet they fear regional instability. Then, Saim and Christian further debate whether Pakistan would recognize the Taliban government, and what this decision would be based on. To read or listen to this article, click here.

The second article by Saim explores the Taliban’s notably sophisticated social media strategy. The group seems to be employing their media efforts with the hope of gaining international legitimacy, Saim’s article explains. For example, through its public messages, the Taliban pledged to “protect women and minorities.” Will the world accept the message that there is nothing to worry about? To read or listen to this article, click here.