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Call for Hosts: Help an international Fellow in June!



What does Humanity in Action do?

We offer educational and inspiring leadership programs for young people. The aim is to increase their knowledge about human rights and to strengthen their societal commitments. In this way, we encourage them to work for a democratic, inclusive, and just society.

What do we ask of you?

Six of our Amsterdam Fellowship participants come from abroad and therefore do not have a place to stay yet. We would love your help in hosting them! As a host, you will offer accommodation to a Fellow from Wednesday, June 5 until Saturday, June 21. Our program takes place from Monday to Friday from 9:30-17:00. Lunch and travel expenses are included in the Fellowship. Outside these times, you may arrange to hang out or eat together. Please keep in mind that, past experience has shown that participants also spend a lot of time together outside the set program times.

What is the Amsterdam Fellowship?

Every year, we organize the Amsterdam Fellowship. In June 2024, 18 students and recent graduates will come together in Amsterdam for lectures, excursions, workshops, and discussions, where they will explore their roles in society and broaden their knowledge of human rights. From a historical perspective, we challenge them to develop a critical look towards our society. This year, the Fellowship will focus on Dutch colonial history.

What makes it worthwhile to be a host?

  • You make it possible for international students to participate in the Amsterdam Fellowship.
  • You contribute to cultural exchange by exposing participants to a different environment and Dutch culture.
  • You come into contact with new perspectives yourself, as the par
  • Participants bring interesting insights through their background and the knowledge they gain during the program.

How do you become a host?

Do you want to help us make the 2024 Fellowship possible and have an unforgettable experience yourself? Then apply to become a host! Please let us know before May 1 by emailing us at Feel free to email us with any additional questions. More information about us and our educational programs can be found here.