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Asma Baban wins Humanity in Action Detroit Grant Competition



We are excited to announce the recipient of the 2020 Humanity in Action Detroit Grant Competition, Asma Baban, a 2017 Detroit fellow! Her project, Parks&Lite, will work on community revitalization, placemaking, and urban development in Detroit. She will establish a pocket park in the Dexter-Linwood neighborhood of Detroit, and install solar-powered yard lights in dark spots around the neighborhood and park. Parks&Lite will be implemented by Asma in collaboration with the community of neighbors and Dream of Detroit. The construction of the playground is not simply transforming the physical space. By providing the neighborhood with a much needed communal space, Asma hopes to further strengthen the sense of community in the area. The park will provide over 80 kids between the age of 2 and 12 with a space to play and interact with others in the community. The currently missing street lamps will help provide security in that people will be able to move around and kids will be able to go home without fear of having to walk in the dark. Although the construction itself is rooted in a plot of land, the effects of this project will be far-reaching.

Asma’s project is a creative approach to community building, This project is all the more relevant in light of COVID-19 and the need for safe outdoor spaces for families to gather while socially distancing. Congratulations Asma!

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Street fair in the neighborhood
Fence installation by the Muslim Center