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Announcing the recipients of the 2020 racial equity grant



We are delighted to announce the recipients of the 2020 Humanity in Action Racial Equity Grant! Senior Fellows Jalyn Radziminski, Jasmine Rashid, Michael Scott, and Samson Lim will receive grants to create new initiatives or further their existing projects that focus on racial justice in the US. 

Jalyn has created Count US IN, the first non-partisan non-profit voting rights organization in Indiana dedicated to more inclusive and equitable political participation. Through the Humanity in Action Grant, Count US IN will launch a paid Racial Justice and Accessibility Fellowship.  This program is designed to center the experience of people who identify as Black, live with a disability, and/or have been affected by incarceration. The fellowship program is for those who are determined to boost voter turnout and civic engagement across their communities leading up to the Indiana 2021 primary election. The Racial Justice and Accessibility Fellows, in 2020, will work closely with Count US IN to develop a campaign that works towards reclaiming power in their communities by addressing the voting crisis in the state. 

Jasmine will publish a book, The Financial Activist Playbook for Racial Justice, through the grant. Her work will focus on practical ways to address the lack of access to viable economic strategies in Black and Brown communities. Working with Humanity in Action and Real Money Moves, Jasmine hopes to draw upon expertise from a plethora of sources, ranging from entrepreneurs to grassroots activists. The Financial Activist Playbook for Racial Justice will present strategies of aligning economic goals with racial justice. The goal of this playbook is to educate and empower people to use their investments to support marginalized communities and social justice.

Michael and Kenneth’s project, Breaking Bread, will focus on increasing information and empathy across different viewpoints on controversial issues. To further the impact of this project, Michael and Kenneth will be creating a Youtube video series in an effort to reach a wider audience. Videos will be uploaded to social media and podcast platforms, with the goal of achieving roughly 10,000 impressions across different platforms. The first installment of this conversation series will discuss the Black Lives Matter movement with the intention to capture different viewpoints of the movement’s purpose, impact, and legacy. 

Samson is the 109th Editor-in-Chief of the California Law Review. With the Humanity in Action Racial Equity Grant, his project will focus on law and the need for more diverse perspectives in the legal field. Not only is the demographic make-up of the legal field extremely limited, but the types of discussions often do not sufficiently address systemic issues within the field. This project aims to encourage the staff and readers of the California Law Review to examine their own roles in law and to further conversations on how to drive change through law or other creative methods. Through the grant, CLR will expand event programming and continue publishing blog series that uplift critical perspectives and voices. Aware of the far reach that CLR has, as it has been cited more than two dozen times in U.S. Supreme Court opinions over the last decade, Samson hopes that diversifying the scholarship in the field will lead to more widespread “human-centered lawyering.”

With this set of diverse projects, we are confident that the recipients will contribute to impactful change and help further the conversation surrounding racial justice in this pivotal time in US history. 

Read more about the projects here.