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Ahmad Aghar Gdeed


Ahmad Aghar Gdeed holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from the Lebanese University in Beirut, Lebanon. During his time there, he was a Research Group Associate and offered counseling to patients who were suffering from multiple psychological disorders. In Damascus, Syria, Ahmad acted as a unit leader at the Arab Youth Forum International Organization from 1994 until 2005 and he owned a handmade gifts shop from 2006 until 2012. He was also a social work volunteer at the International Federation of Red Crescent Society during the civil war in Syria between 2010 and 2012. Ahmad has completed a one-year training course in psychological counseling with the International Psychosocial Organization (IPSO) and has worked in multiple asylum campuses and centers. He is currently based in Berlin, working with IPSO as a psychological and social counselor.


Updated November 2017