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Alina Jabbari



Alina is an interdisciplinary scholar who is passionate about creating decolonial inclusive communities and envisioning practical ways to manifest transformative justice. She currently works as a lecturer in Social Sciences at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani, as well as conducts independent research.

Generally, her research interests are in the field of religion, power, resistance, and collective memory, exploring how religious texts can be (re)interpreted to challenge structures of social domination, including poverty, patriarchy, racism, and empire.

She additionally works for Restorative Justice Netherlands where their current project concerns the merging of decolonial theory and praxis to visualize and implement restorative cities. Prior to this, she worked as a Project Leader and trainer at a local organization committed to vulnerable communities and individuals in Amsterdam. She has also served, along other roles, as a legal consultant for women with dependent residency who were dealing with issues regarding divorce and domestic abuse.

Updated November 2022