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Antje Scheidler

Connecting our community transatlantically


Antje Scheidler has been with Humanity in Action since 2001, when she became Program Director of the, then new, German Fellowship Program. Antje was born in East Germany and has lived for almost her entire life in Berlin, where she experienced the fall of the Berlin Wall as a teenager. Antje studied English and American Studies and Social Sciences at Humboldt University Berlin and the University of Toronto, and became very interested in migration related issues and matters of social cohesion and inclusion. She worked as a researcher at Humboldt University’s Department of Demography from 2000-2007 and as editor-in-chief of the newsletter “Migration and Population” from 2000-2011. Apart from being the National Director of Humanity in Action Germany she also oversees the international programs of the organization.

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Updated July 2019