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Beau Revlett


Beau Revlett is a rising junior philosophy major at the University of Kentucky. He grew up in Georgetown, KY with his loving family. He is the leader of two student groups at UK. One focuses on homelessness in Lexington, one on-campus food insecurity. He often works with Arbor Youth Services, an emergency shelter for at-risk youth, where he serves on the Board of Directors. He has recently been working with a small group to find good ways to improve how the needs of youth in Lexington are met. At the moment, his academic interests are primarily in philosophy of science and logic. Before HIA this summer, he will be doing research with Dr. Julia Bursten on causation in philosophy of science. He likes analytic philosophy quite a bit and hopes to study it in graduate school. His friends often accuse him of disagreeing just for the sake of disagreeing.


Updated May 2017