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Celine Cojocar


Celine Cojocar is a German-Romanian activist and student enrolled in a dual BA degree between Sciences Po Paris and the Freie Universität Berlin, studying Social and Political Sciences from an interdisciplinary perspective. She is particularly interested in learning how to fight discrimination, social exclusion, and inequalities through policy making and has produced a diverse range of coursework on topics such as sex worker’s rights, intersectionality, and gender-sensitive Roma inclusion strategies. Celine considers intersectional, bottom-up approaches to be a precondition for creating long lasting societal change. She has volunteered and conducted internships at several NGOs located in France, Germany, and Romania. The most formative experience on the field was an internship in Bucharest working with people suffering from multiple vulnerabilities. Besides her interest in social justice she is also dedicated to contribute to more equality and understanding between Western and Eastern European countries. Celine speaks six languages, four of them fluently.


Updated April 2021