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Elma Kodro


Elma Kodro is a HIA EDVACAY Fellowship alumna who, with her group, created their still active portable educational escape room project named “Kako cu? …fali ti papir” (Eng: “Escape the Bureaucracy”). It is a fun twist on teaching young people the practicalities of Bosnian bureaucracy. She graduated from Sarajevo School of Science and Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in political science, and is currently in a Master’s program at Oslo University. In her younger days, she volunteered at Red Cross Youth, working with refugee children at an asylum centre in Norway, and has been an active participant at Agenda X (youth division of Norwegian Centre Against Racism), where she was also a leader at their summer camps. Other than that, she has partaken in two Jean Monnet winter schools. In the future she hopes to contribute to the community through more fun projects, as she believes creativity to be the bridge to success.


Updated April 2021.