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Hannah Jacobi


The academic career of Hannah Jacobi focussed on the past, having studied History, and being specialized in Holocaust and Genocide. Her studies did not deter her optimism, and instead motivated her to affect change in the present. Having navigated several groups existing in society, through various jobs (in – and outside the ivory tower), volunteering, travels, and educations, Hannah perceived the persistent existence of ‘bubbles’. Bubbles based on ethnicity, age, intelligence, sexuality, and many others. Both studies have shown her what can happen when bubbles become isolated, and hierarchized. Therefore, she aspires to spend her career on building bridges between bubbles, towards a better world in the present. She is highly interested in facilitating dialogue between disparate groups existing in society. Currently, Hannah volunteers as a moderator for human rights talks with Amnesty International. Hannah looks forward to learn how to root her idealism in reality and practice through HIA.

Updated May 2023