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Isabel Schröer


Isabel Schröer was introduced to Humanity in Action in 2011 through her work for the documentary educational film project with WINGs and ROOTs. A project initiated by Christina Antonakos-Wallace, a Humanity in Action alumna, that is celebrating its premiere at the Human Right Film Festival Berlin in October 2020.
With a great interest in the intersections of migration, societies in transitions, and matters of social justice, Isabel studied Regional African Studies and Social/Political Sciences in Berlin and New York. Freelancing as a production assistant for the German broadcaster ARD’s Hauptstadt-studio, she worked in journalism for six years. Isabel has been engaged in anti-racism work and the empowerment of refugees through various projects. In 2011, she took upon the legal custodianship for an unaccompanied minor in Berlin. From 2015- 2017 she worked as a job advisor for asylum seekers in the German bureaucratic system. Since 2018 she is the press relations officer for the spokeswomen of migration and integration in the German Bundestag.
Isabel is a passionate photographer. And a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow (Berlin Fellowship 2013).


Updated September 2020