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Jinan Abufarha


Jinan Abufarha is a rising junior at the University of Michigan majoring in Public Policy with minors in Gender, Race and Nation Studies and Political Philosophy. Through her work in her university’s writing center, Jinan aims to address educational inequities for multilingual students. She is currently researching how to integrate a translingual lens into writing center pedagogy. As a facilitator for the Intergroup Dialogues Program, Jinan brings together students’ lived experiences in order to deepen their understandings around identity, discrimination and privilege. In her free time, Jinan is extremely passionate about studying how art functions as a means of resistance for marginalized communities. She spent part of last summer volunteering with Halal Metropolis, an exhibition series that explores the history of Muslims in Michigan. She is currently a research assistant on a project revolving around how Palestinian artists use their practice to challenge life under occupation.


Updated May 2020