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Johanna Kocks


Johanna Kocks is a German scholar/thinker/reader based in Frankfurt with a lot of enthusiasm, excitement & curiosity for people and their stories. Trained in Peace- & Conflict-Studies/Feminist & Postcolonial Studies and currently working in an NGO with refugees she is deeply interested in ways to create intersectional solidaric structures across borders: How can we align our fights in our respective struggles to support each other? How can we actively change society? As a facilitator of workshops on topics such as Climate Justice, Feminisms, Postcolonialism etc. she tries to implement methods and perspectives that enable activism, empowerment and change. Based on her former experiences in community work she also has plans to include artistic approaches, such as documentary, photography and literature in her work to inspire others and get inspired. For the future she would like to talk more about transformative “leadership” and implement new approaches in her groupwork.


Updated April 2021.