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Julie Arnfred Bojesen


Julie Arnfred Bojesen is the Director of the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House, an NGO established in Ukraine with a Secretariat based in Kyiv. Julie led the establishment of the Youth House until she was forced to leave Ukraine in February 2022, just before the Russian invasion of the country. Julie continues to work for the Youth House and for Ukranian youth and democracy from Denmark. Prior to leaving for Ukraine, Julie was the head of Secretariat at The Danish Foreign Policy Society. She holds a bachelor degree in Political Science from Aarhus University and an MA in Communication for Development from Malmö University and is engaged in issues about power and communication, particularty in Central and Eastern Europe. She has been president of the youth organisation SILBA – Initiative for Dialogue and Democracy, is a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow from Sarajevo (2019) and volunteer editor-in-chief at Magasinet rØST.

Updated April 2022