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Kassandra Valles


Born and raised in Kansas City, Kassandra is a rising senior and first-generation college student at the University of Kansas, with a double major in History and International Studies. Her interests include cultural heritage, genocide studies, human rights, and museum studies. Her research has centered on the legacy of the Holocaust, as well as how museums function as tools of advocacy and their role in cultural preservation and remembrance. As a Mexican-American, Kassandra is particularly interested in immigration affairs and in the increased accessibility of institutions, such as museums, among minority populations. She was a participant of the Andrew W. Mellon Undergraduate Curatorial Academy, whose objective is to promote more inclusive, pluralistic museums. She recently served as the President of Student Union Activities at the University of Kansas, where she oversaw the implementation of over one-hundred culturally and politically relevant on-campus events. She currently serves as a teaching assistant for the University Honors Program and works in the education department at the Spencer Museum of Art. Kassandra plans to pursue a career in cultural preservation and human rights advocacy.


Updated May 2015