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Lecyca Curiel


Building bridges between the corporate world and her own generation, Lecyca Curiel currently works as a Generation Z keynote speaker for international think thank WHETSTON. This year she has started her academic career at Erasmus University College, which led her to aspire a bachelor’s in Cultural Anthropology in 2019. On Sundays, she teaches children from underprivileged neighborhoods at the IMC Weekendschool. In 2016, Lecyca was offered a scholarship for the Women2Women conference in Boston, where she has been an annual intern thereafter. Lecyca has Indonesian and Dutch Caribbean roots. Her connection to her ancestral history translates into her current practices as she continuously strives for cultural diversity and mutual understanding. Lecyca is passionate about hip hop culture, documentary filmmaking, spirituality, and indigenous culture. She uses education, film, and public speaking to contribute to a more inclusive society, create an all-encompassing narrative, and limber up reference frameworks.


Updated May 2019