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Matthijs Kronemeijer


Matthijs Kronemeijer is a Christian theologian whose interests include politics, interfaith relations and biblical philosophy. He is a new migrant to Canada where (as of October 2021) he is waiting for his work permit and permanent residency. Once that comes he will be open to work opportunities in areas related to religion, politics, education, or non-profit leadership.
Matthijs is currently pursuing an academic track on the theme of mercy and interfaith relations. Between 2014 and 2020 he and his family lived in Lansing, Michigan, where he worked as a professional tutor for Lansing Community College and developed his skills as an observer of American politics. In his home country, the Netherlands, he worked for the Roman Catholic Military Chaplaincy in various staff roles. Matthijs has academic degrees at the MA level in Catholic theology, Arabic, Jewish studies and political science, and speaks or reads an embarrassing variety of languages. His participation in the Humanity in Action program (Amsterdam 2000) was a life-changing experience that he has tried his best to put to good use.
Updated October 2021