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Merisa Okanović


Born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Merisa is an undergraduate at the University of Tuzla studying in the Behavioral Disorders Department. As an activist, she is envolved in encouraging youth in decision making processes. She has been analyzing gender issues for three years and engaged herself in facilitating workshops in the field of gender and gender based violence. As she began to build professional integrity, she established the Center for Resocialization of Juvenile Delinquents and Postpenal Care. In addition, Merisa was an active participant in the 3rd International Student Congress with the paper “Post-treatment Care in Bosnia and Herzegovina.” Through her activist engagement she conducted School of Feminism and lead an Erasmus+ project named “Build the Resistance: Responding to Nationalism and the Far Right with Street-art and Community Organizing.” After her undergraduate studies, Merisa plans to apply for the European Regional MA Program in Democracy and Human Rights.


Updated May 2019