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Nina Reis


Nina Reis is a German student and aspiring advocate and writer. Besides pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics in Amsterdam, she currently works on providing public, alternative education by curating an online archive and facilitating events, such as online conversations on intersectionality, mental health, or fat liberation, and curating an art show, for YOUth ACT. The intersections between culture, media, politics, and philosophy are of particular interest to her and she occasionally writes about these topics for PanDam magazine. Her involvement with various student groups of Amnesty International and working on the World Talks project of Stichting URGENT, creating a digital database of interviews with activists, has inspired her to continuously reflect on human rights, social justice, and decolonization. For Nina, “the personal is political”; she is currently figuring out her journey, with a focus on social epistemology, international relations, and queer studies and community.


Updated April 2021