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Shiloh Tillemann-Dick


Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Shiloh had his first brushes with local politics when he served as the to- ken wide-eyed infant/child in the campaign literature for local politicians and ballot initiatives. Only six years into his career he suffered a major professional reversal when he aged out of the highly photogenic under 6-demographic and was forced to make a major career pivot, trying to make government more equitable, efficient, and just for all its citizens. Twenty-two years later Shiloh’s budding career as a stock photo model still hasn’t recovered but he has worked on over a dozen political campaigns in Colorado, Ohio, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania as well as a corporate strategist, and most recently the senior data strategist for Baltimore City’s CitiStat program where he led the analysis section for the City’s Interagency Violence Reduction Initiative. Deeply committed to improving the circumstances of America’s least privileged Shiloh’s main message is that the problems society faces today are surmountable, but they demand leadership and action now, and discussions about the need for systemic change cannot be used as excuses to prevent immediate action, even if that action doesn’t solve the entire problem, any progress is better than no progress and for too long, no progress is what we’ve gotten. In his lighter moments Shiloh can be found in Baltimore, caring for his kombucha scoby or in Washington D.C. instructing some of his 11 nieces and nephews in the finer points of baking sourdough bread and/or revolutionary politics.


Updated October 2018