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Unapologetic: The John Lewis Legacy and the Fierce Urgency of the Now

A virtual gathering inspired by civil rights icon John Lewis and movement-makers of the past and present

Unapologetic is the capstone convening of the John Lewis Fellowship program, operated by Humanity in Action and the Center for Civil and Human Rights since 2014. Read more about the vision and goals of the conference in this statement from Dr. Kali-Ahset Amen, our John Lewis Fellowship Director.

Full Program Schedules:

Eastern US Timezone (EDT): Download a PDF of the complete program schedule here.

Central European Time Zone (CET):  Download a PDF of the complete program schedule here.

Take a glimpse into this past conference

Program Schedule: AGENDA-IN-BRIEF

  • Donnerstag, Juli 08

    Thursday sessions are free and open to the public via YouTube Livestream. All times listed are ET.


    • Event Time:4:15 pm

      Conference Launch/Welcome Remarks by Dr. Kali-Ahset Amen

    • Event Time:4:30 pm

      Documentary Film Screening: “John Lewis: Good Trouble”

    • Event Time:6:00 pm

      Post-Film Discussion: “Reflections on a Remarkable Life: John Lewis’ Congressional Director Tuere Butler in conversation with Dr. Kali-Ahset Amen”

    • Event Time:6:30 pm

      Concert: “Movement Music from the Selma Road to the BLM Protest Summer of 2020”, led by artistic director Rev. Dr. Dwight Andrews, Senior Pastor of First Congregational and a renowned music scholar

    • Event Time:7:30 pm

      Post-Concert Dialogue: “Afterword: Reverend Dwight Andrews in conversation with Dr. Kali-Ahset Amen”

  • Freitag, Juli 09

    Sessions will occur on the Zoom platform. Pre-registration is required. Times listed are ET.


    • Event Time:8:00 am

      Meet and Greet: “John Lewis Fellows - Early Birds & European Reunion”

    • Event Time:9:00 am

      Official Conference Welcome: “John Lewis Fellows ‘Roll Call’”

    • Event Time:9:15 am

      Spoken Word Performance: “An Ode to Lewis” presented by 2015 Senior Fellow Antonio Lopez

    • Event Time:9:30 am

      Panel Discussion: “Elders Forum: Reflections on the Atlanta Student Movement,” presented by Dr. Roslyn Pope and Charles Black in dialogue with Tanya Washington, Fmr. John Lewis Fellowship Director (2016-2018)

    • Event Time:10:30

      Fellows Only Networking Space: “What Good Trouble are you in?”

    • Event Time:12:00 pm

      Lunch Break: with virtual yoga led by Irijah Stennett, Kemetic Yoga master

    • Event Time:1:00 pm

      Afternoon Keynote: “The Second: Race and Guns in a Fatally Unequal America” by veteran JLF program speaker Professor Carol Anderson

    • Event Time:2:15 pm

      Artistic Presentation: “Coming Home: The Life & Legacy of John Lewis,” presented by 2020 Senior Fellow Dorothy Mukasa and Company

    • Event Time:2:55 pm

      Artistic Presentation: “float free // singing as liberation work,” presented by 2019 Senior Fellow Leilani Douglass

    • Event Time:4:00 pm

      Evening Keynote: “The Future of Atlanta Activism: Activist-Artist Killer Mike with Historian Maurice Hobson”

  • Samstag, Juli 10

    A full day of presentations, workshops and networking sessions curated by John Lewis Fellowship alumni. All sessions will occur on the Zoom platform. Pre-registration is required. Times listed are ET.


    • Event Time:9:00 am

      Introduction to the Day’s Program

    • Event Time:9:15 am

      Session 1: Dr. Karcheik Sims-Alvarado, Inaugural John Lewis Fellowship Director (2014 - 2015)

      • “Discovering the Past, Transforming the Present through Social Justice Education: Designing a Fellowship to Teach the Structure and History of America’s Social Movements”

    • Event Time:10:00 am

      Session 2: Interactive Talks

      • 2018 Senior Fellow Gino Nuzzolillo, “The Neighborhood Union and Visions of the New South in Black Atlanta”

      • 2015 Senior Fellow Devon Crawford, “Achieving our Country: Creating Justice in Real Time”

      • 2019 Senior Fellow Ishan Sharma, “Emerging Surveillance Technologies & 21st Century Democracy”

    • Event Time:11:30 am

      Session 3: Concurrent Workshops

      • 2017 Senior Fellow Alex Mabanta and Dr. Karen Korematsu, Founder and Executive Director, Fred T. Korematsu Institute, “Educational Equity: Implementing an Ethnic Studies Curriculum”

      • 2018 Senior Fellow Jasmine Rashid, “Moving Money: A Financial Activist Playbook for Racial Justice”

    • Event Time:12:30 pm

      Lunch Break: With virtual yoga led by Irijah Stennett, Kemetic Yoga master

    • Event Time:1:15 pm

      Session 4: Concurrent Workshops

      • 2019 Senior Fellows Jess Pires-Jancose and Momo Wilms-Crowe, “Organizing as Abundance: Building New Worlds Through Pleasure”

      • 2019 Senior Fellows June Thalin-Worm and Hoangtran “Hany” Hieu Hanh, “Building community solidarity and amplifying Asian voices in times of Covid-19”

    • Event Time:2:00 pm

      Fellows’ Social Meetup: Network and reconnect with your fellowship cohort in breakout rooms

    • Event Time:2:30 pm

      Session 5: Interactive Talks

      • 2017 Senior Fellow Emily McDonnell, “Federal Indian Policy in the Age of Deb Haaland”

      • 2017 Senior Fellows Trey Walk and Emily McDonnell, “Black and Indigenous Solidarity”

    • Event Time:4:00 pm

      Session 6: Interactive Talks - “Forging Racial Equity: Transforming Institutions and Communities”

      • 2020 HIA Racial Equity Grant recipient and 2017 (Berlin) Senior Fellow, Michael Scott and 2017 (Berlin) Senior Fellow, Helen Kramer: "Racial Dialogues: Breaking Bread"

      • 2020 HIA Racial Equity Grant recipient, Jalyn Radziminski #BuildBlackIndiana: Our Voices & Our Votes Matter

      • 2020 HIA Racial Equity Grant recipient and 2008 (Berlin) Senior Fellow, Samson Lim: Human-Centered Lawyering at the California Law Review

    • Event Time:5:15 pm

      Closing the Day’s program

  • Sonntag, Juli 11

    Sunday sessions are free and open to the public via YouTube Livestream. All times listed are ET.


    • Event Time:10:00 am

      Going Home Remembrance Ritual at Oakland Cemetery: “Song and Silence in the Praise House: Journeys from the Rural South to Freedom” created by conceptual artist Charmaine Minniefield, 2021 Curator of Atlanta’s Flux Art Festival

    • Event Time:11:30 am

      Closing of Conference Program: Reflections by past and present John Lewis Fellowship staff, Fellows and HIA Executive Director Judy Goldstein