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BOLD Action: #demandculture Project


#demandculture understands art as a powerful medium to bridge the dissonances in BiH. As a socially responsible initiative, it focuses on communities with few cultural events.

Through a strong media campaign and partnership with local organizations, #demandculture aims to begin a movement showing the power of culture and small-town charms.

Main objectives of this project are:

  • To produce a festive, colorful, and friendly cultural event joining art forms and making it free and welcome for everyone
  • To promote culture among ordinary citizens in order to encourage their further cultural participation and contribution
  • To spread the idea that culture should be available to everyone through various performances on the streets and public places
  • To explore and stimulate cultural interests and values of citizens living in the small cities around Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • To discover and celebrate the arts through music and other art forms
  • To stimulate cultural scene and contributing to cultural content in Stolac, Donji Vakuf, Kotor Varoš
  • To put together a unifying event promoting synergy between the various artists involved
  • To facilitate integration and closer ties between different local communities
  • To encourage the discovery of new artists
  • To contribute to residents’ openness towards the arts giving them opportunities to freely take part in the event

Project Activities

On Friday, September 25, 2020, the first of a series of cultural events was held in the garden of the Šarić House Museum in Stolac. The Stolac City Orchestra hosted the event, whose members sent a strong message of togetherness through the streets of Stolac. They held a one-hour concert for citizens and set an example of joint action through culture in the city, which is divided into many other social segments. The cultural program wrapped up with an exhibition of paintings by local artist Igor Borozan, an academic painter and sculptor.

The event in Stolac is just one in a series of events by the team behind the #demandulture initiative, who, through a strong media campaign and partnership with local organizations, are launching activities that show the power of culture and the charm of small towns. The initiative promotes artists from smaller local communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and spreads the idea that culture should be available to everyone through street and public performances, exhibitions and book promotions, discovering and glorifying art through music and other art forms.

All activities of this event took place in compliance with the protection measures against COVID-19 issued by the Federal Ministry of Health.

Project Team

Amra Čolić

Education: holds Masters Degree from the Faculty of Health Studies, University in Sarajevo

Selma Ibrekić

Education: Current student Social and Political Sciences, International University of Sarajevo

Azra Dizdar

Education: Alumni, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Đorđe Dujković

Education: Currently enrolled in the third year of Faculty of Political Sciences, University
of Banja Luka

Amina Sačić

Education: MA in English Language and Literature, University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Philosophy

Harun Ćehović

Education: Current student Acting, Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo

This project is supported by: