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Decoding Technocracy - the Digital Period


“The Digital Period – the podcast” will be the first production of the project. The podcast series will reflect an open conversation about a technology used by many on a daily basis, period tracking apps. The podcast series tells the story of what happens behind the user interface of period tracking apps and explores the interaction of the use of this technology within society.

App users, activists, researchers and developers will be interviewed. Also, workshops with students and events where people from different social movements can discuss the role of technology will be organized. Together participants will examine why people want to track their periods, what their expectations are of period tracking apps, how these apps work and how our society, policies, culture, and laws influence the use of these apps.

The Project aims to convert awareness into concrete action.

On the one hand, the podcast is a tool to engage people in the real world, a reflection of an open dialogue. The podcast is built on research, meet-ups, interviews with experts, on- and offline discussions, and existing movements.

On the other hand, the podcast is there to make information accessible to more people. The project aims to impact individuals in such a way that they not only become more aware of the impact of technology. Also, they are able to convert that awareness into concrete action with respect to how they choose to use technology and how they can contribute to the different social movements.

The Digital Period – the podcast can be a tool for others. For some, it can be a platform. For others, it can be a bridge to new perspectives. The podcast will be available online and in English.

For more information, visit the Digital Period’s website.

Updated March 2023