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Media Literacy Podcast


Young people are spending nowadays a lot of time online. According to the research of Mediacentar Sarajevo, the partner in the project, in order to be informed, young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been mainly following online media outlets ( Traditional media account for an insignificant share of media consumption amongst young people in our country. Nonetheless, young people are at the same time unsatisfied with the media content presented to them, thus, they consider it manipulative and biased. Therefore, the aim of this project which will be carried out in the form of a podcast is to raise awareness about media consumption. Accordingly, the objectives of the podcast are to foster critical thinking, improve media competencies and combat fake news.

The guests of the podcasts are engaged young people from civil society and media professionals. The target audience is primarily young tech-savvy people who consume digital media content. The podcast addresses critical thinking, media competencies, and combating fake news.

More Action Projects

EDVACAY Alumni Podcast Project

Authors: Daniel Lazarević, Mahir Sijamija, Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2021

This initiative is focused on showcasing the work and successes of five participants from the previous nine generations of the EDVACAY program through a trending format of video podcast. Through five episodes of podcasts, EDVACAY Alumni Daniel Lazarević (2014/15) and Mahir Sijamija (2013/14) want to show to the wider audience how some of the participants benefited from this program, how they used it in their formal and non-formal education, and how they led by their example and encouraged others to be socially responsible and active in their local community.

Humanity Talks Podcast with Senior Fellow Samir Beharić

Podcast | Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kwiecień 2020

The third episode of Humanity Talks Podcast features our senior Fellow Mahir Sijamija talking to one of our most prominent Senior Fellows Samir Beharić about solving the issue of local students studying abroad becoming "stuck" there due to Covid-19 pandemic, about Western Balkans Alumni Association, his experiences in American Congress and the European Parliament, and much more.

Navigating the Murky Media Waters

Authors: Noor Evers, Bîşenk Ergin, Lejla Bašić, Julie Arnfred Bojesen, Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2019

Media Literacy is a board game created by Senior Fellows Bişenk Ergin, Noor Evers, et al., meant to introduce media literacy to young people by mixing fun games and education, and teaching them how to navigate through murky media waters.