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Participants of Summer School in Albania in 2019.

In 2018, Humanity in Action Bosnia and Herzegovina co-launched Strengthening Resilience of the Youth against Radicalization in the Western Balkans, an initiative aimed at strengthening capacities for resilience among youth in the Western Balkans against radicalization and violent extremism. By raising awareness and promoting shared values as well as social cohesion through interfaith, inter-ethnic, and intercultural dialogues, this program tackles increasing rates of youth radicalization in the Western Balkans.

Promo Videos against Radicalisation - Video 1

Youth against Radicalization in BiH

Perception about Radicalization by Young People in the Western Balkan Region

Perceptions about Radicalization by Young People in the Western Balkans
Country report: Bosnia and Herzegovina
J Hasic, MH Mehmedovic, M Sijamija
January 2020


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