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EDVACAY Alumni Meeting 2.0


Fellows from several generations of the EDVACAY program gathered at the Second EDVACAY Alumni meeting together with other EDVACAY fellows and Senior fellows who joined the event via Zoom.

The program agenda included the presentation of the second 4-year EDVACAY Study which features 15 fellows from 4 generations of participants, testimonies by lecturers, mentors and coordinators and the representation of some of the most notable civic campaigns implemented in the past 4 years of the program. Following the study presentation, the fellows and those who joined the meeting on-line presented their 5 Alumni inter-program inter-generational projects.

Zarja Marković, the program coordinator, and Mahir Sijamija, the acting chair of the EDVACAY alumni association, presided over the meeting and led a discussion on the possible future engagement of the fellows through the Humanity in Action BiH’s new projects and the inter-generational civic campaigns.

  • The second EDVACAY Study presentation