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'Stories From the Unity of the Realm' - Episode 2: 'What is Kaffemik?'



The 2020 Humanity in Action Fellowship presents: the Humanity in Action Podcast Series ‘Stories from the Unity of the Realm’

Episode 2: ‘What is Kaffemik?’

During the 2020 Copenhagen Fellowship, our Fellows created a series of mini-podcasts delving into some of the topics covered on the Fellowship.

Listen to the second episode ‘What is Kaffemik?’, created by Noémi Báthory-Okunlola, Malik Hansen and Mika Marie Andersen. Kaffemik is a deeply rooted Greenlandic tradition of celebration. In this podcast the three Fellows investigate the past and the future of Kaffemik and explore the different traditions. Follow them on a journey through a Kaffemik, where they speak to different people from Greenland telling us about their thoughts and experiences with Kaffemik, and be prepared for the unwritten rules of this tradition.

The podcast series consists of 7 episodes.

Listen to episode 2 here:

Podcast guests: Aki-Matilda Høegh-Dam (member of Danish Parliament for the Greenlandic Party ‘Siumut’), Maya Sialuk Jacobsen (traditional Inuit Tatoo Artist and researcher into Inuit culture), and Sara Olsvig (Chair of the Greenlandic Human Rights Council)