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Education is a way to change. Book and workshop “About Hate Speech and Hate”



Education is a way to change. Book and workshop “About Hate Speech and Hate”


News about our latest interactive book “About Hate Speech and Hate” is spreading to more and more people! It was recently mentioned by (300K followers), we talked about it at the meeting ‘Edu(re)action, or interactive tools in historical and human rights education’ organised by the Norwid Culture Centre in Kraków. Hundreds of copies of the book have already been delivered to schools, libraries, NGOs and cultural institutions all over Poland!

As part of sharing knowledge about counteracting hate speech and hate, educators associated with HIA Poland Magda Szarota, Larysa Michalska, Karolina Biedroń and Aleksandra Kuśnierkiewicz ran a series of workshops for secondary school pupils. We had the opportunity to work with fantastic young people from Bydgoszcz, Katowice, Kraków, Pułtusk and Rzeszów. The workshop based on the book “About Hate Speech and Hate” took place mostly in hybrid form, but we are very happy that two groups managed to meet in person!

We would like to thank the teachers and educators for their trust, openness and motivation to pass on more than just schoolbook knowledge. We also thank the students for their activity, enthusiasm, and willingness to expand their knowledge and confront difficult topics. Change does not happen by itself, and thanks to our meetings, we know that you can not only be a part of the change, but above all, you can be its greatest driving force!

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