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John Lewis Fellows Final Presentations 2020



In keeping with the 2020 John Lewis Fellowship theme of “Just Justice,” fellows created and presented group projects that each tackled a different form of justice. These projects were a requisite component of the fellowship and helped prepare the fellows to lead their own Action Projects. Most impressively, these projects were completed across several time zones as fellows navigated implementing their projects in a digital space during the Covid-19 pandemic.

See below to check out the 2020 projects.

Table of Contents

Restorative Justice
Eda Yilar, Kerim Hodžić, Amy Biedermann, Jinan Abufarha, Naily Nevarez

Intergenerational Justice
Mahir Turkmen, Sonja Kosanović, Beth Awano, Keely Kriho, Piper Prolago

Healing Justice
Tamara Hartman, Mina Quame, Dorothy Mukasa, Kenzo Okazaki, Sarah Pomeranz

Distributive Justice
Zeyneb Kasmi, Zulejka Nowicka, Grace McMickens, Margot Armbruster, Vanessa Soriano

Historical Justice
Sonja Bišćan, Magdalena Wilczyńska, James Sykes, Mery Concepción, Alexandra McDougle