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John Lewis Fellows Reflective Essays 2018



In 2018, Humanity in Action published a collection of reflections written by the 2018 John Lewis Fellows. In the essays, the Fellows write about their experiences in the John Lewis program, delving into personal aspects of their own identities – such as national, ethnic, gender, racial or religious – and reveal ways in which participation in the program has shaped their personal outlooks and perspectives on democracy and diversity. In the essays, the John Lewis Fellows also provide intellectual and personal responses – reactions and aspirations – in regard to the subjects and speakers presented throughout the program.

These essays focus on the exploration of Atlanta’s history and contemporary social justice issues prevalent in pluralistic societies. These compositions were a requisite component for completion of the 2018 John Lewis Fellowship.

To read, click on each of the essays below or download the booklet here.

Table of Contents

Professor Tanya Washington, John Lewis Program Director

John Lewis Fellows’ Reflective Essay
Adeola Naomi Aderemi

The Power of Agency
Laila Alvarez

The Trees on the Mountaintop are from Outerspace
Rachel Atakpa

John Lewis Fellows’ Reflective Essay
Ohla Louisa Boleyn

Perspectives on the Past and Future: How Does the John Lewis Fellowship Fit into my Life?
Mara Dorofre

The Redemptive Power of Art
Elle Enander

Imagination and Refusal in the Yard: Musings on the Global and Pressing Ramifications of Anti-Blackness
Desmond Fonseca

The Malleability of Reality in How we Tell our Stories
Laurel Hiatt

We Shall Overcome…What?
Abibat Iriafen

Dear Zoe
Sophie Kupetz

“Even the Stones Would Cry Out If You Would Not Cry Out”
Francesca Lupia

Trying to Understand and Cope with Reality
Sandra Mehmedović

Be a Leaf
Liêm Nguyễn

Gino Nuzzolillo

Letters on Vulnerability to my Baby Sister
Jennifer Pham

A Reimagining: Contours of Hope in a Carceral State
Jasmin Rashid

Healing Through Justice
Dariann Rickerson

The Classroom as an Act of Resistance
Jesse Smith-Appelson

2018 John Lewis Fellowship Reflection
Kevin Solomon

John Lewis Fellowship 2018 Reflection
Miki Takeshita

The John Lewis Fellowship: Fellow Recipe
Sloan Talbot

Stretching my Mind, Constant (Refl)Action
Hoa Mai Trần

The Eyes of a Wild Man
Kasia Udała

The John Lewis Fellows’ Reflection Essay
Themistoklis Vergidis

Struggling for Justice
Jianhang Xiao

Putting “Cs For All” in Context: Lessons from the American Civil Rights Movement
Carter Zenke