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Documentary: "Theresienstadt - Danish Children in Nazi Captivity"



Having spent several years developing workshops and educational materials to teach Danish students about the Holocaust, Senior Fellow Solvej Berlau (Copenhagen Fellowship 2004) concluded that incorporating survivor testimonies into Holocaust education is very important. Her students learned a great deal from hearing these first-hand accounts, as they were able to identify with those who had lived through the atrocities.

The Holocaust education community knows that, as the number of Holocaust survivors still alive to share their stories dwindles, the need to preserve their eyewitness accounts intensifies. Solvej wanted to ensure that Danish students would not lose the opportunity to learn about the role Theresienstadt played in Denmark’s World War II history. As part of her work at the Danish Institute for International Studies, she decided to create a documentary film about Theresienstadt by telling the stories of six Jewish children who were transported from Denmark to the concentration camp.

The film is produced by DIIS, Danish Institute for International Studies, and is part of the educational website

The making of "Theresienstadt - Danish Children in Nazi Captivity"