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Senior Fellow Carolin Wiedemann releases book "Tender and Free"



Senior Fellow Carolin Wiedemann published her first book “Tender and Free” (Zart und frei) on January 28th. A book about gender politics, “Tender and Free” analyzes the violence of today’s patriarchal rule, showing how anti-feminist discourse fuels the political shift to the right but also appears in the political left. In addition to gender politics, the book explores the correlation between capitalism and the patriarchy. From there, Carolin offers new anti-patriarchal behaviors that individuals can adopt as an act of rebellion against sexist gender encounters. She calls for “tender togetherness” against violent patriarchal rule. The book serves as a source of encouragement for those affected by and fighting against sexist gender encounters.

“Tender and Free” has already garnered media coverage. Last week, the online book launch at Dussmann reached more than 1,000 people on Instagram. You can view the book launch, which includes Carolin reading some passages, on here on Facebook.

A recent article in Tagesspiegel also featured her book; you can read the full article in German here.