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Is it racist, when fictional Muslims are evil?



Senior Fellow Jasamin Ulfat-Seddiqzai recently wrote an article for Deutschlandfunk Kultur, titled “Is it racist, when fictional Muslims are evil?” (“Ist es rassistisch, wenn fiktive Muslime böse sind?” in German). In the article, Jasamin discusses a new book by Constantin Schreiber “Die Kandidatin” (“The Candidate”), in which the main female character Sabah Hussein is the first Muslim German Chancellor candidate. Sabah is beautiful and athletic, she mostly wears red, but likes green because it is “the color of Islam.” As a refugee child she had nothing, so now she wants everything and is power-hungry. In her piece, Jasamin argues that Muslim villains can be interesting characters if writers do not just turn them into clichés.

You can read the full article here (in German).