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Narku Laing awarded the Bavarian Innovation Prize for Volunteer Work



Senior Fellow Dr. Lorenz Narku Laing has been passionately committed to fighting discrimination for years. Recently, he founded “Die Diskriminierungsfreie Gesellschaft gGmbH” (Against Discriminiation gGmbH), a non-profit organization. In May 2022, their pilot project titled “Sport shapes diversity” was awarded the Bavarian Innovation Prize for Volunteers by the Ministry of Social Affairs in Munich.

Less discrimination means more freedom for everyone.

“Sport shapes diversity” is a training series for volunteers in sports clubs and sport associations. “Less discrimination means more freedom for everyone,” explained Narku in the official Press Release, noting that the project is about tolerance, intersectionality, courage, and the idea that fair sport can be combined with the promise of Article 3 of the German Basic Law. “We want to use the power of sport to overcome prejudices,” Narku added.

Narku is being awarded the Bavarian Innovation Prize.

The money awarded to the project is intended to be used for the kick-off event of the innovative project in Bavaria, as well as any necessary purchases and marketing materials.

Finally, with the online format of the project, Narku hopes to reach other areas of volunteer and youth work throughout Bavaria.

To read more about “Sport shapes diversity” as well as the Award, visit this Süddeutsche Zeitung article (in German).