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Announcing the Recipient of the October '43 Travel Grant 2021



The winning project is a podcast about East Greenland and its social issues. We are excited to present Conrad Aminak’s project, who himself grew up in the town of Tasiilaq in Eastern Greenland and took part in the 2021 Copenhagen Fellowship. 

Background of the Project 

Compared to the rest of Greenland, East Greenland is facing high suicid and rape rates, as well as high levels of alcohol abuse. The podcast will focus on the geographical differences among young Greenlandic citizens in regards to the suicide rates and suicide attempts. Questions of responsibilty for these social issues will be adressed, is it the municipality and authorities, or the Greenlandic people themselves, who are (mostly) responsible. And is the government doing enough to help children and young people who have gone through, or are going through, different kinds of abuse and threats of suicide.

“Study shows that there is a geographical difference in the incidence of suicide attempts among young people in Greenland. More than half of all youngsters in East Greenland have thought about suicide, while only 15% in Nuuk. I always wonder what went wrong in East Greenland?” Conrad Aminak (2021 Copenhagen Fellow)

The Travel Grant will make interviews and research possible,

In order to adress these questions, Conrad will conduct interviews with people of Tasiilaq, who themselves have gone through different kinds of hardship, as well as people who have stepped up to make a difference for these people and for the town. The analysis of the answers demands research and background information about the welfare regime and political landscape of East Greenland.

The Travel Grant enables the realisation of this project.

Read here, to learn more about the Humanity in Action October ’43 Travel Grant.