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Hertie Foundation Names Lorenz Narku Laing '30 under 30'



Originally from the Greater Rhein-Main-Area, social entrepreneur Lorenz Narku Laing (27) was recognized by the Hertie Foundation as one of 30 inspiring young people under 30 years of age. This ‘30 under 30’ award is aptly named to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and to celebrate the values these 30 young leaders represent that resonate with the same democratic values of unified Germany. He was recognized in particular for his commitment against racism and discrimination, earning him a spot in Hertie’s #GenerationGrenzenlos (‘Generation Without Borders’). 

Lorenz Narku is the founder and managing director of the social entrepreneurship Vielfaltsprojekte (‘Diversity Projects’). He has been working as a diversity trainer since 2015 and since then has offered seminars, lectures and counseling on the topics of racism and discrimination. In the meantime, together with his employees, he implements projects with the same vision throughout Germany. On top of this, Lorenz Narku teaches at the Geschwister-Scholl-Institute of the University of Munich, and is working on his PhD. 

Viefaltsprojekte aims at a society that coexists free of discrimination, and works toward that goal by training organizations to support diversity. Additionally, Vielfaltsprojekte advises youth groups, foundations, clubs, associations and public institutions. 

Thank you to Hertie-Foundation for this wonderful recognition. Racism and right-wing extremism are on the rise in the West and this is unacceptable. Hence, I will enhance my fight against racism and for an inclusive democracy in Germany and Europe. While doing so, I remain grateful for all the support by the Humanity in Action community in building my social business. (Lorenz Narku Laing)

As mentioned, the award of #GenerationGrenzenlos this year coincides with the German Reunification. 30 years ago, a physical border was dismantled. However, elsewhere invisible borders continue to exist and interfere with peaceful social coexistence. The Hertie Foundation honors young people who, through their commitment, want to overcome the borders of our time and work towards democracy, participation and equal rights.