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Balancing between work and life: Is it time to test the four-day workweek?



Senior Fellow Nabila Abdel Aziz recently wrote an article for Bayerische Rundfunk magazine on why it is time to test the four-day workweek.

The piece untitled “Work and Life, Why it’s time to test the four-day workweek” or (“Warum es Zeit ist, die Vier-Tage-Woche zu testen” in German) depicts the “five day work, two day weekend” system.

Highlighting the negative effects of this work-life balance, Nabila dives into the benefits of the four-day week solution. Proven by scientific evidence, this new system would not only give a better work-life balance, but also higher profits, higher productivity, less unemployment, more gender equality and a smaller carbon footprint.

You can read the full article on this Bayerische Rundfunk page